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Photo: © Wilfred Gachau


”I have always been divided into two: Towards composing and towards playing music – the process is different – they crossfertilize, yes, but not until the later years have I sensed that it is good for the two of them – Kuno, the musician and Kuno, the composer, to stay in the same house.” Kuno

The life of the artist Kuno Kjærbye is influenced by collaborations across boarders, generations and genres. As a violinist he has had a special love for contemporary music and has first performed chamber music works of composers from Denmatk and from other countries as well.

His compositions are condensed and deeply influenced by visual and narrative spheres and have been performed both in contexts of chamber music and of larger international collaborations such as The Sea Stallion, a visual concert or La Dama del Mar, a music theatre production which was performed in Mexico City during the Henrik Ibsen anniversary 2006.

Kuno’s work in the field of teaching is signified by a clear intention of creating images of sound and music with reference to storytelling. It has led to much travelling and given way to projects such as Hunting and shape shifting, a composition project for children and youth in Hjørring District, and to the insect fairytale Eat up, Spider or the Butterfly and Grandma Spider.

Kuno says: ”Whar fascinates me is actually the motion between the various states and platforms of creative work.”